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Total Health and Fitness is a team of registered dietitians, nutrition experts and certified personal trainers who provide customized programs to help clients achieve their personal nutrition and fitness goals.

We are here for anyone in any walk of life interested in looking good and feeling great!



Draper Team

Anjee Barber, RD

I am an advocate for the power of nutrition. I take pride in working around “real life” and taking my client’s preferences/lifestyle into account when planning their exercise and nutrition plans. Read Full Bio

David Johns

Having been a nutritionist for 10+ years I have helped clients reach nearly every fitness goal you could think of. I will work effectively with you because I can truly understand how you feel. Weighing almost 290lbs at the age of 17 I decided to make a change and turn things around in my life. I lost 120lbs with the right balance of nutrition and fitness Read Full Bio

Jamie Dickson

I grew up as a dancer and that translated into the love of endurance sports as I became an adult. My true passion is cycling. I have completed Lotoja and The Ultimate Challenge several times as well as many marathons. I am a certified Nurse   Read Full Bio

Jason Manchego

What turned me to health and fitness was having an outlet and place to “vent” after losing somebody special. I started lifting weights to channel my focus and instantaneously witnessed positive results. Read Full Bio

Maria Fulton

I discovered my love for fitness and lifting after the birth of my first daughter, almost 15 years ago. I am ISSA certified, with an emphasis in Fitness Nutrition. In addition, I have 15 years of experience in the gym and am a National Level Figure Competitor. Read Full Bio

Wes Barney

Since my personal training and fitness career started in 1999 I’ve serviced and helped over 5,000 clients reach their seemingly impossible fitness goals. I’ve been an NPC and NGA Competitor and Coach… Read Full Bio

Bailee Whitworth, RD

My name is Bailee Whitworth and I am a part of our team of Registered Dietitians here at Total Health and Fitness. I am motivated by seeing my clients success and helping them eat a healthy and balanced diet while living and active lifestyle. Read Full Bio

Chrissa Petersen

Helping others with fat loss and the shift to a healthy body is my passion and my mission. For me it’s personal.  At 100 pounds overweight, I remember feeling desperate to lose weight.

Read Full Bio


Katie Potter

I have always been fascinated by human health and performance and use the guidelines of proper nutrition and exercise to help clients reach their fullest potential. I hold a Bachelor’s in Nutritional Sciences, a degree exploring the relationship between food and human health on a molecular and practical level. Read Full Bio

Centerville Team

Allie Henrie

I am a Registered Dietitian at Total Health and Fitness. I grew up living an active lifestyle where I spent most of my free time swimming competitively. Through swimming I learned to love the process of setting and achieving physical goals. Read Full Bio

Ian Paur

I am a Consultant and Personal Trainer at Total Health and Fitness. I have been in athletics my entire life, and played many sports including basketball, baseball, and track and field. Putting my body through different exercise and nutritional programs sparked my desire to learn and share what I know about nutrition and exercise. Read Full Bio

Zach Miller

I have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years.  I started as a personal trainer while attending college at Lindenwood University where I majored in Physical Education and played College Basketball.  Read Full Bio


At Total Health and Fitness we base our programs on solid tried and true principles of diet, exercise and health. We don’t ask you to try fad diets or extreme methods of exercise. Our recipes are simple and delicious. The exercises we outline are easy to follow and perform. The methods we teach you to implement into your daily routine are methods you can sustain for a lifetime.
At Total Health and Fitness, we base our programs on solid, tried and true principles of diet, exercise and health. We don’t rely on fad diets or extreme methods of exercise to bring you temporary results. Our menu plans are practical and delicious, the exercises we outline are easy to follow and perform, and the methods we teach you to integrate in your daily routine allow you to gain long lasting results you can sustain for a lifetime.
Our goal is to teach you diet and excercise fundamentals that will stick with you for a lifetime. Our programs set you up to maintain your new-found health, weight and determination. We don’t set you up to gain the weight back as quickly as you lost it.
Your information is confidential and will NOT be shared with outside parties

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