Why Total Health and Fitness Is More Than a Gym

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When people drive by our location in Utah, quite often, they think that Total Health and Fitness is just another gym, trying to survive among the many Gold’s Gyms and Vasa Fitnesses of the world.

But that’s not what we are. We’re something more.

It’s true that our facilities include a small gym, where those enrolled in our health and fitness program can receive one-on-one training from personal trainers to improve their workout routine, but the gym isn’t our focus.

Our goal is to help each person that enrolls in our program to achieve their overall health and fitness goals, and in order to do that, there’s a lot more involved than simply hitting up the gym. After all, diet plays an extremely important role in allowing someone to lose weight (or replace fat with muscle). All the exercise in the world won’t help you if your post-workout snack includes two Big Macs.

At Total Health and Fitness in Utah, our aim is to provide a thorough analysis of each person’s overall fitness level and then set achievable goals that include an individualized diet and exercise plan. This in turn helps each person to establish behavior patterns that set the course for a healthy lifestyle that ensures lasting change.

The purpose of our program is to educate each person who comes through our doors as to what exercise and diet habits will ensure healthy, lasting change. This is why many of our personal trainers focus on teaching proper weightlifting and other exercise techniques, rather than simply “blast your quads” until you feel like you’re going to need to crawl out of the gym. When combined with an individualized diet, it’s little wonder that our clients in Utah are able to consistently achieve their goals.

So yes, while we do have an on-site gym, that isn’t our focus. Our goal is to teach you the exercise and diet techniques so that even after you’ve finished our accountability-based program, you can continue to lead a healthy life.

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