Weekly accountability

Ever felt like you needed a coach? We provide that. You will have one of our certified nutritionist/registered dietitians who are also certified personal trainers. They will guide you step by step every week to reach your goals. You will meet in a comfortable 1 on 1 setting where your menu and exercise plan is carefully crafted to fit perfectly with your situation. Your questions will be answered each and every week.  Our professionals cheer you on every step of the way!

In depth progress reports

To track your progress, we will we utilize top of the line technology to provide you with a comprehensive, report on your current body composition. Included in it is pounds of fat, muscle, water and a segmented analysis of where you carry your muscle tissue. Your personal consultant will be able to provide a breakdown of each section to indicate how your progress is coming along, and to explain the changes that are occurring inside your body.

Personalized Motivation

Your nutritionist and personal trainer will keep you on track. Bring a desire to reach the best physical condition of your life, and we will give you the guidelines to push yourself to make it happen.


Your program will be completely focused on getting you results. Each week, we assess your progress and adjust your program based on the data provided by our medical grade body composition machine, feedback from you, and weekly measurements.

Ready to Make Your Own Transformation?

State-of-The-Art Gym

Located in:
Draper, UT
Centerville, UT

  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Treadmills, elipticals, dumbbells, cables
  • FDA approved body scanner
  • Children’s play area
  • Private offices for your consultations

Your information is confidential and will NOT be shared with outside parties

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