A Little About us


At Total Health and Fitness we base our programs on solid tried and true principles of diet, exercise and health. We don’t ask you to try fad diets or extreme methods of exercise. Our recipes are simple and delicious. The exercises we outline are easy to follow and perform. The methods we teach you to implement into your daily routine are methods you can sustain for a lifetime.

Located in Draper, our team of nutritionists and personal trainers are dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Our  certified nutrition and fitness consultants and are experts in the field of weight loss and muscle gain. They meet with their clients each week to provide personalized meal planning and fitness programs. Our trainers make sure clients are on par with their program in both weight and form. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle-gain, firming, toning, sports-specific, or you just want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Every week we use the world’s best technology to run a quick, simple, and comprehensive body composition analysis that accurately measures and tracks vital details of your body’s health such as body fat, metabolic rate, and weight loss progress. This data is then examined by our health and fitness consultants and used to effectively create, modify, and adapt your weekly nutritional meals, cardio, and exercise plans. Through this process, the Total Health and Fitness team of personal trainers, fitness, and nutrition consultants can help you avoid any fitness plateaus, optimize your body’s ability to burn fat, and ensure that you successfully and quickly reach your fitness goal.

Helping people live healthy lives for over 15 years

Our clients have collectively lost over 70,000 lbs of fat

We’ve helped our clients gain over 30,000 lbs of lean muscle

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