Online Programs and remote consultations are available for individuals not in close proximity to our facility.

With each passing year, requests for online-based services become increasingly louder and more persistent. This makes sense﹘not everyone lives near one of our Draper facility, nor can they make a meeting in person every time. In order to accommodate these individuals, we have worked to alter our weekly procedures so that our clients can get the same attention they would have received if they were able to meet in person, as well as access to the same services.

Thanks to remote conferencing, our team of personal trainers and nutritionists will be able to still see your progress and offer advice and teachings regarding your questions and concerns. They will also be able to instruct you on how to exercise with the tools at your disposal and how also to gather data on your progress that you can share with them﹘otherwise this service would be provided to you in person.


online fitness trainer services

A weekly remote consultation with a professional nutritionist & personal trainer

These meetings will ideally be conducted via screen share and will give our team a chance to discuss your progress with you, face-to-virtual-face. The purpose of these weekly meetings will not only be to adjust your program as needed, based on your results, but to teach you about one of our core beliefs: that of accountability. In many ways, accountability becomes even more crucial when meeting over video conferencing.

*Consultations done via screen share/phone call

A customized nutrition plan designed specifically for you and your goals.

Nutrition and proper eating are another of our main tenets and meeting with you over screen share will give our nutritionists a chance to not only relay that week’s particular meal plan but to educate you on how food relates to your total health and fitness.

customized health plan
total health and fitness

A weekly exercise plan, consisting of resistance + cardiovascular training

The final principle of total health will always be exercise. While remote meetings present a few challenges to the education of proper exercise techniques, our professional trainers are adept at making any situation work and will likely bring you into the gym via video call in order to show you proper moves and see what you can do. Always be prepared to work out when meeting with our team, even virtually.


Weekly proprietary recipes crafted by dietitians