Corporate Wellness

Great Employees
Make Great Companies

We create health programs that are customized to each individual employee’s needs. Each program includes a personalized nutrition and exercise plan. We provide the tools, resources, and education to help them change their habits, behavior, and lifestyles successfully.

We believe in accountability! A nutritionist will meet with your employees weekly to go over their progress and goals. They’ll help them to understand how their relationship with food impacts their bodies. While working with us, your employees will also have access to our database of delicious, healthy recipes created by registered dietitians. If your employees have any questions regarding nutrition or fitness, our staff will be able to answer their questions when they visit our Draper Location.

Our program is all about changing habits that will impact your employees for the rest of their lives. The technology we use is designed to help alter habits and drive results. These results will be measured through an in-depth body composition analysis with our medical-grade Inbody machine. Your employees will be able to interact and log all of their nutrition and exercise activity through our proprietary software platform and app.

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Benefits of Corporate Wellness

Companies Love CW
  • Increase in employee productivity
  • Decrease in employee absenteeism
  • Reduce health risks
  • Reduce health insurance costs
Employees Love CW
  • Employees feel appreciated and valued
  • Creates a high-energy culture
  • Employees gain tools for healthy habits
  • Promotes positive behavioral changes

A true corporate wellness program should be more than an annual biometric screening, a fitness tracker, and a gym membership. A good wellness program needs to be a real investment for both the company and its employees. The program should be voluntary, comprehensive, results-driven and designed with accountability.

How we Help

Free Seminar

Body composition testing and analysis for all employees

Nutrition templates

Onsite dietitian for Q&A

Email questionnaires

A customized plan for each and every employee

A personalized nutrition plan and exercise plan

Weekly consultations with dietitian

Healthy recipes, created by registered dietitians

Log progress in our proprietary software/app

Did you know?

Among employers measuring their wellness efforts, more than half have found a decrease in absenteeism.

Did you know?

Every $1 invested in a wellness program generates $7 in health care savings.

Take care of your employees
and they’ll take care of your company


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