What Does Total Health Mean?

When Total Health and Fitness was first established, we knew that the biggest drawbacks to fad dieting and sudden, extreme bursts of exercising had nothing to do with the heart, desire, or work ethic of those who tried them. In fact, when it comes to losing weight and getting fit, we’ve found that there is hardly a topic more persistent in the minds and hearts of people than this. No, the problem was two-fold: first, cold-turkey snaps from a sedentary lifestyle to one of militaristic discipline can be unhealthy and should be properly nurtured with a controlled ramping up. Secondly, fads are inherently inconstant, doomed to end. This isn’t helped by how unsustainable extreme life changes can be.

Enter Total Health and Fitness, our answer to the aspects of physical exercise and mental resolve that end up, time and again, being a brief excursion into total health rather than a complete adoption of values and actions that guide a life of fitness. That, ultimately, is what total health means: the ability to sustain health-affirming behaviors both physically and mentally over the course of one’s life.

How do we achieve Total Health and Fitness?

The concept of total health is a personal journey for every person, born of their resolve and their efforts. What we strive to do is provide our clients with the tools and education necessary to achieve ultimate and prolonged success. We do this by creating programs that are designed to teach you how to redefine nutrition, exercise, and accountability in your life.

To accomplish this, each client will consult with one of our Certified Nutritionists and Personal Trainers in order to come up with the schedule that works for them and to express the goals that they are trying to reach. Then the client starts a program that if adhered to, will set them up for a happier and healthier life.

Our 3 Tier Approach


A weekly consultation with a Certified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

By meeting weekly with our staff, we will not only be able to chart your journey incrementally and make adjustments to your program as needed, but you will learn the absolute importance of accountability as it pertains to health and fitness. You won’t always have professional trainers to keep you honest, but in learning the principles of accountability, you won’t need them.


A customized nutrition plan designed specifically for you and your goals

Fitness is won or lost in the kitchen, and we are determined to help you win this fight. By providing you with a bespoke eating plan, our goal is not to take away the thinking involved in total health but promote it. By knowing and living the true principles of nutrition you will be set for life.


A weekly exercise plan, consisting of resistance + cardiovascular training

The third pillar of total health will always be physical activity. Many are intimidated by gym equipment and don’t know how to create their own exercise plans, but by following the teachings of your personal trainer, you will know enough to be able to consistently meet and exceed your fitness goals.

Also Included in all Programs

A weekly, in-depth body composition analysis

Weekly proprietary recipes crafted by our dietitians

We accept all forms of payment including Health Savings Account (HSA) cards, as well as payment plans.