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*Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person

Gary B.

Total fat loss: 122 lbs*

Rachel A.

Total fat loss: 26 lbs*

Troy P.

Total fat loss: 58 lbs*

Jason C.

Total fat loss: 53 lbs*

Amy O.

Total fat loss: 10 lbs*

Chelen S.

Total fat loss: 47 lbs*

Suzy R.

Total fat loss: 102 lbs*

Sami B.

Total fat loss: 25 lbs*

Donnett B.

Total fat loss: 15 lbs*

Dan C.

Total fat loss: 16 lbs*

Robert L.

Total fat loss: 23 lbs*

John P.

Total fat loss: 13 lbs*

Angie C.

Total fat loss: 19 lbs*

Stephanie H.

Total fat loss: 24 lbs*

Justin S.

Total fat loss: 74 lbs*

Goran J.

Total fat loss: 11 lbs*

Angie P.

Total fat loss: 14 lbs*

David A.

Total fat loss: 27 lbs*

Scott F.

Total fat loss: 13 lbs*

James M.

Total fat loss: 59 lbs*

Jessica C.

Total fat loss: 27 lbs*

Jennifer J.*

Total fat loss: 03 lbs*

Hailey K.*

Total fat loss: 9 lbs*

Erin O.*

Total fat loss: 51 lbs*

Megan M.*

Total fat loss: 32 lbs*

Judy P.*

Total fat loss: 24 lbs*

Kurt M.*

Total fat loss: 36 lbs*

Scott D.*

Total fat loss: 52 lbs*

Amber H.*

Total fat loss: 20 lbs*

Jeff H.*

Total fat loss: 23 lbs*

Melanie M.*

Total fat loss: 20 lbs*

Ryan N.*

Total fat loss: 4 lbs*

April S.*

Total fat loss: 16 lbs*

Aubrey A.*

Total fat loss: 24 lbs*

Briton H.*

Total fat loss: 87 lbs*
You get results at Total Health and Fitness.*
This is by far, the best thing I have EVER done for myself!
This is a great atmosphere for women and men that want to get in shape but don't want to go to a commercialized gym.
Great staff. Tailored workouts. Great meal plans. Great results!!!*
The team made it painless teaching me healthy habits to ensure I made a lifestyle change to keep the weight off when my program was complete.*
This team is amazing, motivational, and has probably saved my life. I have lost 60lbs* but more importantly I have my life back. At 45 I am in my best shape. Thank you Total Health and Fitness.
I honestly can't say enough about Total, Health and Fitness! It has completely changed my life and will stay with me as long as I live. This isn't a gimmick! Thank you Total Health and Fitness!
Total Health and Fitness is the best investment I have ever made!
This is the best money I've ever spent.
Total Health and Fitness is one-of-a-kind. I can honestly say this is a program that really works and the fact that they hold your hand and motivate you through every step makes it very easy to reach your goals. My favorite part of the program is that you eat normal food and don't feel like you are dieting at all. I'm so much more confident when i go to the gym because I actually know what I'm doing. The individualized attention really is top notch!
You can’t get what this place has to offer anywhere else. They combine HEALTHY nutrition with PROPER exercise to get you to where you want to be. It may take a little longer, but the results will last a lifetime.
My mentality while doing it was “I know nothing works for me. So I’ll prove it by doing everything they say and when it doesn’t work it’ll be their fault." And then I lost 50 pounds*. I can't think of a better way to transition from the agony of "diet and exercise" to just living a normal healthy lifestyle.
This place is awesome! Everything they do is customized to my individual needs. This is the best way to get into shape, hands down.
This is not a diet that has an end. It is an amazing lifestyle change that helps you achieve any weight management goal you have.
No fad diets, no crazy workouts, just customized nutrition and workout plans. I think the biggest key for me was the weekly accountability. Highly, highly recommended!
The people here are incredible! They truly care about my fitness goals and what my needs are. They also do an awesome job at helping get over any mental hurdles that come with changing your life to make a healthy lifestyle.
It was hard work, but the knowledge of food planning and workouts are invaluable. This is something I will definitely do for the rest of my life!
I am in better shape at age 57 than I was at 37.
I've tried it all! Fad diets, Weight Watchers, running, starving.......It NEVER lasted! This program changed EVERYTHING I ever thought I knew about weight loss.

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