Our Program

Your taste

Everyone has their own personal food preferences. Your meal plan is built based on your food choices, goals, and schedule to provide the most convenient, practical menu that suits your lifestyle. Whether you’re making meals for yourself or an entire family, your menu will always consist of foods you can buy at any grocery store. No more fussy, complicated recipes, we’ll help you keep your meals manageable without sacrificing flavor.

The End of Crash Dieting

Say goodbye to unappetizing meal replacements. At Total Health and Fitness, we don’t teach you to diet; we teach you how to eat. Once you learn our proactive approach to fueling your body, you’ll not only prevent hunger but gain the tools to eat properly for the rest of your life while maintaining your results once you reach your goals.

Quick results from a fad diet can happen, but how long did those results last? More importantly, do those diets keep a person satisfied, fueled, and happy? We make sure that every meal plan is built on a completely sustainable way of eating. This means no more crash dieting for days or weeks at a time. With our nutrition plans, you’ll learn how to eat for the rest of your life.

Keeping up
the habit

Healthy eating habits are built over time, with repetition, a sense of accountability, and direction. Eventually, our nutrition plans will leave you with the confidence to make your own in the future. We’ll teach you how to keep up with good habits to achieve desired results even when we’re not around. By having a good understanding of:

Healthy Food Choices

Food Ratios

Portion Sizes

Nutrition Labels

Grocery Shopping

There’s no secret to it! Through education and accountability, you can keep up your healthy habit for the rest of your life.

Health conditions & Dietary Restrictions

Our Certified Nutritionists have extensive experience working with food allergies, medical conditions, and nutritional intolerances. Whatever your needs, our nutritionists will make sure that you’re going to eat the right food to keep you on track.

Our knowledgeable and capable team will help take the burden off of any dietary restrictions you might have. Finding foods that fit your needs shouldn’t feel like a chore or lead to worry. Enjoy what you can eat, and stress less when you’re at the grocery store or eating out. If you have particular health concerns or conditions, a certified nutritionist can work with you to organize a nutrition plan that works for you.

Take out the guesswork

Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. Whether you’re trying to lose fat or gain muscle, we’ll provide you a precise nutritional plan that lets you know exactly what to eat, how often to eat, and what portions, all to help you get to your goals as quickly as possible.* If you’ve followed a specific diet in the past that didn’t work, you might inspect every program with a bit of doubt. How is the Total Health and Fitness nutrition program different?

  • Promote your health through sustainable habits
  • Understand the science behind portioning and ratios
  • End the crash dieting for good
  • Gain the confidence to continue on your own

We understand that the route to a more sustainable way of living can be confusing and even frustrating at first, and that’s why we like to take the guesswork out for you. Every week, we’ll create a nutrition plan completely customized for your personal taste, and health goals. Meals will be practical, easy, and enjoyable; real foods to fuel you every day.

Every week, you’ll meet with a nutritionist and trainer to discuss what’s working and what needs adjusting. As your progress continues, your nutrition plans will change to keep up with your current goals.