Our Nutritional Approach

Our Program

Take out the guesswork

Whether you’re trying to lose fat or gain muscle, food and fitness go hand in hand. As part of our program, we provide precise meal plans that let you know exactly what to eat, how often to eat and in what portions to help you get your goals as quickly as possible*. Eating out? No problem. We provide a detailed list of healthy options at many local restaurants.

Your Taste Matters

Everyone has their own personal food preferences. Your meal plan is built based on your food choices, goals, and schedule to provide the most convenient, practical menu that suits your lifestyle. And don’t worry, your menu will consist of regular food that you buy at the grocery store! Your plan will be updated weekly based on the progress you are making.

No crash-dieting

We don’t teach you to diet; we teach you how to eat. Learn our proactive approach to fueling your body that will not only prevent hunger and misery but provide you with the tools to eat properly for the rest of your life and maintain your results once you reach your goals.

Special Conditions

Our registered dietitians have extensive experience working with food allergies, medical conditions, and nutritional intolerances. Whatever your needs, our dietitian’s will make sure that you’re going to eat the right food to keep you on-track.

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