Confidence in your workouts

Have you ever felt intimidated by not knowing which machine to use to make the most of your visits to the gym? Your personal trainer will educate you during your weekly one-on-one sessions where you’ll learn exactly how to perform each exercise from your custom workouts. Enjoy confidence in your form and secure in the knowledge of the appropriate intensity to better ensure that you will get the results you’re seeking without injury.

Beginner to advanced

Your workout is written for you and only you. Taking into account your fitness level, goals, and available equipment, we write your resistance and cardio program suited for you and personal workout preferences.

Fully equipped private gym

Learn every movement on our top of the line fitness equipment. We have full lines of free weights, cables, and machines to show you every exercise on your workout on the same equipment available at your gym or in your home.

Cardio prescription

Cardio forms an integral part of any exercise program. As  a part of your regular resistance workouts, we include an appropriate cardio program that lets you know how many minutes, how intense, and the best time to perform your cardiovascular workout to best maximize your results.

Proper Form

Ready to Make Your Own Transformation?




Creating Accountability

Weekly meetings that are one-on-one with your nutrionist will help maintain consistency and guide you to the results you want.




Merlin Jensen’s Success Story

*disclaimer: results may vary from person to person

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Total Lbs of Muscle Gained

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