Nutrition and Custom Workout Accountability

Best decision I have ever made. Changed my life forever!*
Rachael A.
Total fat loss: 26 lbs*

Our Approach

Know What to Eat & When

Nutrition isn't a one-size-fits-all. Get a custom meal plan from a professional Dietitian.

We don’t teach you to diet; we teach you how to eat. Learn our proactive approach to fueling your body that will not only prevent hunger and misery but provide you with the tools to eat properly.

Sweat, Record, Repeat.

Custom workouts with software to help you track your progress, and stay accountable.

Your workout is written for you and only you. We take into account your body type, fitness level, goals, and available equipment, then we write a resistance and cardio program suited for you and your personal workout preferences.

Make a plan & stick to it

Accountability is vital when it comes to making progress to meet your goals.

Weekly one-on-one meetings with your dietitian will help maintain consistency and guide you to the results you want. Your program will be completely focused on getting you results. Each week, we assess your progress and adjust your program based on the data provided by our medical grade body composition machine, feedback from you, and weekly measurements.

What we're not

We're not a Gym

We are not a public gym that sells monthly memberships. We have a full-service private gym inside each of our facilities, however, they are reserved exclusively for clients on our program working with one of our personal trainers. We have full lines of free weights, cables, and machines to show you every exercise in your workout.

We're not "one size fits all"

We don’t use templates, points, or a cookie-cutter approach to our programs. Every one is customized to the individual. Your dietitian and personal trainer will keep you on track. Bring a desire to reach the best physical condition of your life, and we will give you the guidelines to push yourself to make it happen.

We're not a fad diet

We don't believe in extreme dieting or quick-fix solutions to weight loss. We avoid no-carb or no-fat diets. We promote balanced macro-nutrients and we preach sustainability. We provide you with the tools to eat properly for the rest of your life and maintain your results once you reach your goals.

We're not unproven

For the past 15 years, we have worked with over 6,000 clients. We've helped them lose collectively over 70,000 lbs of fat and gain over 30,000 lbs of lean muscle. We work with people from all walks of life, professional athletes, Olympians, and every-day soccer moms. We've seen it all and have delivered RESULTS.

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