5 Ways to Stay Accountable to Your Fitness Plan

You’ve got your fitness plan in hand and you’re excited to live a healthier, happier life . . . but now how can you be sure you stick with it? Here are five strategies that will help you hold yourself accountable so you can meet your goals!

1- Figure Out Your Weaknesses and Motivators

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Take some time to really think about why you have begun this journey to fitness. What are the factors in your life that got you to this point? What weaknesses have held you back? Are there any deeper underlying reasons? What are the unhealthy inner thoughts and outer pressures you are dealing with every day?

Then, what are your strengths? What types of rewards motivate you? What inspires you? What will success look and feel like to you?

Coming to the honest conclusions regarding these questions is where you need to start so you can get on the right path for the right reasons, significantly upping your chance of success.

2- Document Your Journey

When food-journaling, it’s important to be very specific in setting goals. Instead of “I want to lose 30 lbs,” visualize the image, clothing size, or ability to do a specific activity your goal weight translates to.

Writing down your specific goals is great, but putting a little more thought into it is even better. Here are a few things you can document:

  • The answers to questions regarding why accomplishing your goals is important to you
  • How you look and feel as you implement your new, healthy habits
  • Motivational quotes and inspiring stories

3- Download an App

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There are so many different apps you can download to your device that will keep track of all your important stats. Just a sampling of the sort of information you can record (or have recorded automatically) include:

  • Workouts (minutes, miles, weights, repetitions, elevation gain, calories burned, etc.)
  • Daily food log, calories
  • Weight, circumference, body fat percentage, etc.
  • Heart rate
  • Sleep quality and amount

One advantage of downloading an app is that it will suggest a calorie level based on things like your height, age, and weight. However, it is vital that you understand the suggested calorie level can’t take into account your specific body and metabolism, so tracking results is necessary to ensure you are progressing. If you’re not getting the results you want with the suggested calorie intake, make adjustments until you start to see progress.

Additionally, using an app for food journaling helps ensure that you’re accurately tracking food and calorie intake, because you have access to the app’s database of calorie amounts for a wide range of foods. Another benefit of using an app is you can track other goals alongside calories—that way you can see the progress you’re making.  

4- Join Others Who Have the Same Goals

Whether it’s outside or online, meeting up with others who are also trying to eat healthier and get more fit is a wonderful way to stay on track. Many gyms and fitness stores host a variety of groups you can join or just get together with your neighbors. Look on facebook or other meet-up sites for a community of support.

5- Meet Weekly With an Accountability Coach

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A regular one-on-one weekly meeting with an accountability coach can go a surprisingly long way toward meeting your fitness goals. Whether your coach is your friend, your personal trainer, or your nutritionist, he or she can help motivate you and be your cheerleader throughout your journey to fitness.

With these five strategies, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals. For more help getting and sticking to your own personalized fitness plan, contact us today!

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