Why You Need to Remain Accountable During the Holidays

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December and January are tough months to try and stay on track for your fat loss goals, no doubt about it. Family parties, company parties, shopping all day and holiday stress are almost impossible to avoid.  It’s also why many of our clients this month are nervous about coming to their weekly appointments. “I just didn’t want to face you after the weekend I had” or “I didn’t do what I was supposed to do ” are common things we hear daily coming from our clients. But here is the bottom line about staying on track during the holidays: you’re not going to be perfect, and that’s okay!

What we will do for you as your consultant is figure out how to work in (or work out) meals you’ll be having this holiday season. It might mean being more restrictive during the week, or doing an extra workout, but whatever the case may be, we will figure it out together.  During these times when you feel like you might be failing don’t avoid coming in to see your consultant , you haven’t failed. Typically, when you don’t want to come in and face the music is the time you need your accountability the most. Remember: we are a team and we have to work together to keep you on track!

Every week won’t be perfect because hey, that’s life. However staying accountable helps keep you from going totally off the rails and losing all your success. Remember, most people don’t lose the weight they gain during the holiday season, so maintaining results is important!

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