Cardio Training That Works

We believe that fitness is a balance. A cardio “prescription” isn’t as daunting as it sounds. In fact, a custom cardio prescription works to take away the intimidation of not knowing the correct “dosage” of cardio exercise for you. Many clients come into our program with a fear of cardiorespiratory fitness. From years of improper running, pain from imbalanced aerobic activity, and just the plain fear of doing it all wrong, there’s safety in finding programs or methods that promise an absence of cardio exercise. However, the team at Total Health and Fitness believes that fitness is always a balance.

You’re here for your health, which means putting aside the fear of cardio and finding new ways to engage your cardiovascular health in a fulfilling way. After all, cardio training is an essential part of any well-balanced exercise program, and as such, you should have a chance to finally find joy in it. Our cardio plans work to strengthen your heart, help prevent or manage high blood pressure, diabetes, and improve your emotional health. Whether you love cardio, do it begrudgingly, or avoid it altogether,  we’re here to help find a greater balance in your workout plan. How will our program work for you?

  • A custom cardio prescription that eliminates the guesswork
  • Lower your risk of preventable diseases
  • Help you find balance in your exercise routine
  • Works in conjunction with your nutritional plan
  • Routines change frequently, so cardio stays engaging

Intimidation-free cardio Routines

We pride ourselves in creating programs that work for every person, regardless of physical abilities or fitness starting points. Our team is here to challenge you, but always make health and physical safety a priority. Cardio should never be intimidating, with routines you simply can’t accomplish without risk. The key to any cardio prescription is tailoring the exercises to your needs, physical abilities, and time. Cardio guesswork is one of the main reasons why people decide to skip on cardio altogether. To help you push past the initial intimidation, each week, we’ll treat your cardio as a dosage.

Together, we’ll break down what to do, the best time to do it, for how long, and at what intensity. Unsure if you’re hitting the right intensity or performing cardio routines correctly? Cardio is important, but learning how to perform exercises safely is key. Improperly running, for instance, can hurt more than it helps, that’s why it’s our goal to set you up right from the start with the knowledge and resources to keep cardio fun and free of the pains that come with improperly warming up, exercising, and cooling down.


Every week you’ll meet with your nutritionist and personal trainer for your in-depth body composition analysis. From there, your customized exercise and cardio prescription will change to reflect your ongoing progress. Every plan looks different from the next, but each is built on balancing all elements of exercise and nutrition.

The benefits of cardiovascular training are maximized from a healthy balance of resistance training, and vice versa. Neither physical training is as effective if you don’t take nutrition into account. Everything in our program is a balance, and we feel striking that balance gives each client the chance to learn and stay accountable within various aspects of their customized program. By not solely fixating on one aspect of our program over another, you’ll get the most out of your time with Total Health and Fitness. We’ll make sure every workout on your weekly plan is well-rounded, utilizing exercises that focus on different parts of your body.


If you’ve ever felt intimidated by fitness programs, and cardio exercise especially, Total Health and Fitness can help. Our team is here to help you change the way you look at nutrition and exercise. Call us today to schedule a free body consultation, and take a tour of one of our facilities. Our team consists of nutritionists, personal trainers, and registered dietitians who will gladly walk you through examples of our program, and explain why creating a program tailored to you will be the most effective way to reach your personal goals.