The importance of nutrition in the workplace

How often do we think about nutrition at work? An employee’s nutrition is an important aspect of their health both at work and outside of it. When it comes to day to day nutrition in the workplace, it can be tricky to create a health-conscious program for oneself or stick to one when the pressures of work come about. Unhealthy snacking and prolonged physical inactive at work isn’t a sudden issue, but the great thing is, it can be changed! What can Total Health and Fitness do to help?

  • Create health and wellness programs customized to every employee
  • Build a personalized nutrition and exercise plan
  • Provide tools, resources, and education

Of course, you can never mandate a change in diet and habit changes, but you can make healthier choices easier. In many cases, simply implementing an incentivized wellness program and educating employees is enough to begin a major change.

What does personalized nutrition mean? Great nutrition is highly personal. Nutrition looks different from person to person. Generally speaking, healthy foods and habits are similar from person to person, but having a personalized program can help an individual focus on results that matter most to them. Each employee will have access to our database of delicious and nutritious recipes, all created by registered dietitians and certified nutritionists. Of course, keeping nutritional restrictions and special dietary needs in mind is vital. We’ll make sure that every employee can build meal plans that work with them.

Science & Accountability

At Total Health and Fitness, we believe that everything related to nutrition and exercise comes down to a science. Don’t let that intimidate you, however! We won’t make weekly consultations a complicated science lesson, but rather, break it down—from your weekly program to your weekly progress report—in a way that makes sense to you. After all, it’s important that you understand any changes happening internally and externally.

We believe in employee accountability. Life-changing results happen when personal accountability is taken seriously. That’s why a Total Health and Fitness consultant will meet with employees weekly to discuss personal progress reports and goals. Accountability is usually found when a healthy relationship between food and the body is built. We’ve found that, by simply talking weekly about goals, habits, and meal education, personal accountability grows!

Changing Lives Together

We’re here to help companies and individuals impact the rest of their lives through healthy habits. Building a healthy relationship with food is a vital part of actualizing that change. From interacting and logging nutrition to learning about balancing nutrition and exercise, we believe in making effective change, together!

Ready for corporate wellness?

The team at Total Health and Fitness is ready to help your company and employees change their lives for the better! Ready to gain a greater understanding of nutrition and fitness as a team? Call any of our facilities today to schedule a free seminar. We’ll go over what a corporate wellness program might look like for you, from customized plans to employee body analysis. We’re ready to get started. Are you?