Perhaps you’ve heard the saying that abs are made or lost in the kitchen. While we at Total Health and Fitness are only interested in a six-pack as far as it relates to your body and mind’s health and wellness, part of our initiative to promote fitness education is to help our clients understand that any workout regimen can be undone in the kitchen. Knowing about that and knowing what to do about that are two separate things, however, and so more help is needed from the experts who know how to curb the trend of destructive eating.

Success in Nutrition

Enter the Total Health and Fitness dietitians. Whether our clients are coming in for a top-to-bottom fitness plan﹘including workout and dieting help﹘or they are just interested in getting a consultation with a nutritionist, we want to make it easy for anyone to be successful when they eat.

After setting up an initial meeting, our certified nutritionist will start with an interview about the client’s exercise and eating habits, their goals, and their lifestyle. Then, our certified nutritionists will create a meal plan for the client that is designed for maximum success based on the client’s answers in the interview. Each successive meeting afterward will be to discuss their progress. The benefits of meeting with our nutritionist are clear:

Small weights, healthy salad, and a notebook on a table

  • Receive a customized meal plan just for you
  • Dedicated support through one-on-one meetings
  • Dynamic changes to the plan as needed
  • Education about your body and nutrition from certified experts
  • Learn how to be healthy within your budget
  • Get a mentor to whom you can be accountable

Why do we care so much about making sure our clients have access to nutritional help? Any fitness program that only focuses on establishing a comprehensive workout plan﹘even one that works every muscle in a strict schedule, demanding compliance with a near-militaristic cadence﹘is not going to produce results. Even if the client had the mental fortitude to be exact with their gym time and sleep schedule, food plays such an integral role in the success of one’s fitness journey that we count it as being just as, if not more, important than anything else that one can do to be healthy.