Workout Plans Built for you

Fitness designed around convenience. At Total Health and Fitness, we believe that working out at a gym shouldn’t be an inconvenience, or fill you with dread. That’s why we’ve created a space where you can achieve your wellness and fitness goals with the help of your personal trainer. Traditional gyms can be a tough place to navigate, especially if you’re just starting out on your wellness journey. Between the crowds,  distractions, and occasionally unhealthy culture, a quality workout can feel hindered. It takes some time to know how to make a traditional gym work for you.

Get the most out of your time exercising with our top-of-the-line fitness equipment while increasing your comfort levels in a gym atmosphere. With the help of a Total Health facility, you’ll see your gains happening mentally as much as physically. What could Total Health and Fitness mean for you?

  • Reach your goals at a healthy pace
  • Well stocked gym with free weights and cable machines
  • Promote body health by learning sustainable exercise habits
  • End dangerous forms of exercise
  • Feel confident using gym equipment wherever you are; at the gym, with us, or at home

The word “exercise”—more often than not—brings about a cold sweat to many of our first-time clients. People often come to use with an unhealthy idea of exercise and wellness. Whether they’re intimidated by complicated gym machinery or previously injured themselves using said equipment, the gym has become a place to detest or even fear. We want to change that mindset! We believe that exercising at the gym doesn’t have to be an irritating or painful experience. In fact, it can be entirely enjoyable. All it takes is knowledge and a change of pace.


Every client is given a workout plan that fits with their personal nutrition and exercise goals. As this routine changes weekly, so too does the type of exercise needed and the equipment used. No need to panic about performing exercises you’re unfamiliar with. During your scheduled workout at our private gym, your personal trainer will walk you through every routine, from start to finish.

Your comfort and education is our top priority. That’s why we make certain you have a solid grasp of the what and why behind everything in the gym. We emphasize how to use machines and weights properly and safely, taking away any intimidation that comes from simply not knowing.  Never used a certain machine before? Unsure about your weekly sets and reps? Your trainer is there to help you through it, making sure you’re protecting yourself while performing exercises no matter where you end up working out.


We understand how intimidating it can be to perform full-body workouts in a packed gym. It takes time to feel comfortable within a gym atmosphere. Our gym facilities promote a private, friendly, goal-oriented environment. We’re not here to promote the sometimes offputting nature of gym culture. We’re here to get the work done! Because of this, the privacy you have with us can help you focus on the tasks at hand.


Confidence while exercising isn’t always immediate, but it does come with time. By working with your nutritionist and personal trainer, you’ll establish habits and routines, steadily gaining knowledge of how to balance your workout plans and your nutrition. Of course, your exercise routines will take you to places outside of our private gym. Whether it’s running in your neighborhood, exercising at home, or a few times a week in—that once intimidating—public gym, it’s our hope the time spent you’ve with us will prove confidence building. After all, you should be comfortable and enjoy exercising, no matter where you’re getting active.


Our program is built around accountability. As a team, we’re here to help you find self-confidence, boost your knowledge, and assist you in keeping up with the challenges you set for yourself. However, over everything, your goal will be to meet those challenges. With routines, clear direction, and education, we’re confident that you’ll continue furthering your goals outside of our private gym.


Thinking about changing your daily life through nutrition and exercise? Call any location today to schedule a free body consultation. Get to know our personal trainers, registered dietitians, and nutritionists while you take a tour of our facility. Every location consists of a private gym, so you can rest assured that your scheduled group and one-on-one sessions are goal-oriented and free of unnecessary distractions. Our team is here to help you achieve your goals, no matter where you’re currently at in your journey.