We treat reporting differently

Scales can be misleading, but tracking progress isn’t.  Every person on their fitness journey has experienced a “bad scale day”. We see numbers staring back at us, and are at times, disappointed with what we see. But here’s the thing, scales alone never tell the whole story. In fact, many of the ways we track progress on our own aren’t always positively informative. That’s why our team and your personal consultant is here to help you see the actual progress happening to your body. Simply taking into account a number once a day or once a week can make you feel as though you’re making no progress at all, when in fact, you could be making significant steps to benefit your wellbeing.

Our team has your back. Whether you’re just getting started or have been working toward those personal fitness goals for some time, when drastic results don’t make an immediate appearance, it can be difficult to keep pushing on. After all, it’s not easy to discern progress from plateauing. This often makes any journey feel frustrating rather than empowering, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With an experienced team behind you, you won’t risk heading down a dead-end road.  A path to your personal goals is laid out in a scientific and easy to understand way.

Understanding Progress

At Total Health and Fitness, progress reports aren’t just a simple piece of paper that you won’t have a use for. We take progress seriously, as should you!

Together we keep track of your current progress. This means no more days and weeks of playing a guessing game with nutrition and exercise. By knowing how you’re progressing week by week, we can figure out what’s working and what needs to be changed.

It all about the science. Yes, nutrition and exercise is a science, but it’s a subject that doesn’t have to be complicated or impossible to understand. By utilizing top of the line technology, our team will provide you with a comprehensive report about your body composition as it changes. This report includes…

  • Body fat percentage
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Water weight
  • Metabolic rate

…As well as other applicable data that shows your progress as a whole, even the information not spotted by looking in a mirror or stepping on a scale. Of course, your weekly progress reports are only useful if you understand what they’re saying. That’s why your personal consultant will provide a complete breakdown of your progress, giving you a clear explanation of what’s on your report and why. From there, you’ll be able to fully grasp the progress being made, the changes occurring internally and externally, and develop a plan for continued progression.


For most of our clients, tracking progress in the past was ineffective, inconsistent, or unhealthy and restrictive. Tracking habits and progress is a fantastic tool when tracking is done correctly, but when working from a cookie-cutter program or strictly from guesswork, it can feel almost worthless. By creating a program that is customized to your specific needs, progress is simpler to track and progress reports show exactly where improvements are taking place.

Healthy eating and exercise practices are built over time, through consistency, accountability, and direction. Through weekly check-ins and progress reviews, the direction to a stronger, healthier you is always clear. As with any program, hard work and dedication are necessary to create sustainable results. You get back what you put in! Each progress report will show you how important accountability and consistency is, and where it can continue to take you.


At Total Health and Fitness, the proof of success is seen in every progress report. Are you ready to gain a greater understanding of nutrition and fitness? Call us to schedule an entirely free consultation with a nutritionist and personal trainer today. Discuss your goals and current habits, receive a tour of our facility, and even undergo a body analysis with one of our experienced staff members. See just how our program and progress reports have helped so many of our clients reach their health goals.