Routine Trainer Consultations

Get a coach and find your stride! It’s difficult to start a life-changing health journey on your own. Self-motivation is a tricky thing, and while you might feel on top of your health and fitness goals one week, the next might feel as though you’ve completely veered off the path. If you’ve ever felt like being your own coach and motivator week by week is nearly impossible, the team at Total Health and Fitness has your back. Our team of dietitians, nutritionists, and personal trainers are here to guide you step by step to reach your personal goals*. What does a weekly consultation with your coach consist of?

  • A chance to talk about how you’re feeling
  • Customized nutrition and fitness plan for the coming week
  • Going over your weekly progress report
  • An opportunity to ask questions and discuss the science behind your weekly plan

Weekly Consultations

The work is tough, but you’re not in this alone. On a weekly basis, you and your coach will meet in a comfortable 1-on-1 setting. During this meeting, your menu and exercise plan will be carefully crafted to fit with your current situation. We’re here for you! From cheering you on every step of the way to helping you develop stronger self-motivation, our team will help you see what’s going right week by week.

Consultations help us track progress as a team. For many of our clients who have never participated in a full wellness and fitness program, the idea of a weekly consultation can seem intimidating. After all, how will a meeting go after a week of feeling off your game? With any wellness journey, some weeks will be better than others, but we always work to spot even the smallest of progress. Our overall mission is to help you reach your specific goals, and by reviewing progress—whether your week went flawlessly or not—is a sure way to track how far you’ve come.

Each weekly consultation involves changing up your plan to further your progress, undergoing a weekly health analysis, and reviewing a weekly report as a  team. These weekly consultations are the perfect opportunity to ask any questions that may have about the past week or the next, as well as a chance to discuss your personal accountability.

Science & Accountability

At Total Health and Fitness, we believe that everything related to nutrition and exercise comes down to a science. Don’t let that intimidate you, however! We won’t make weekly consultations a complicated science lesson, but rather, break it down—from your weekly program to your weekly progress report—in a way that makes sense to you. After all, it’s important that you understand any changes happening internally and externally.

Why does personal accountability matter? We’re here to help you through every stage of your journey, from the toughest of days to the ones that feel most empowering. Having said that, you can only do as much as you choose to with what we provide you. To truly see healthy and long-lasting results, personal accountability and sustainable habits are necessary; both of which are up to you! We’ll be there to cheer you on, and we’ll help you find ways to cheer yourself on in the future.


The team at Total Health and Fitness is ready to help you change your life for the better! Ready to gain a greater understanding of nutrition and fitness? Call any of our facilities today to schedule your first consultation with a nutritionist and personal trainer, for free. We’ll discuss your goals, habits, and perform a quick body analysis. It’s also the perfect time to take a tour of our facility and see if we’re the right fit for you.