Workout Plans built for you

Fitness designed for you. Our team believes that the enjoyment of exercise comes from finding what’s right for you. As with everything in your plan, your workout plans are built for you. Regardless of whether you’ve never set foot in a gym before, or are looking to set an entirely new challenge for yourself, there’s always an ideal approach to getting healthy.  We believe that every person who comes to us is at a fresh “starting” point. No matter where you see yourself in your current personal progress, our program will work to help you reach healthy overall goals. What can our program do for you?

  • Promote your health through sustainable exercise habits
  • Understand the science behind important muscles groups
  • Recognize the importance of strengthening the entire body
  • End dangerous means of exercise
  • Gain the confidence to exercise at home or at your local gym

Exercise can be an intimidating factor at the start of any journey. The Total Health and Fitness team makes sure that you feel comfortable in your routine, no matter if it’s your first day with us or your second month. Every person is different and no journey will look the same. However, we’re ready to help take out the guesswork while making sustainable change.

Changing it up weekly

Week by week, after your in-depth body composition analysis, your customized exercise plan will change to reflect your progress. Plans look different from person to person, but they are continually being built with a balance of resistance training and cardiovascular training.

More often than not, those who have never worked within an exercise program before assume that their time in the gym will be spent mainly on a treadmill. On the contrary, to make sure that you’re receiving a well-rounded and complete workout, we utilize exercises that challenge every part of your body in various ways.


We believe that the road to a healthier life is paved by sustainable habits. These habits won’t just pertain to the nutritional aspect of our program. After all, nutrition and exercise work hand-in-hand. Though they’re both individually important to your progress, together they optimize results and create sustainable change.

That’s why your nutrition plan and exercise routine will change each week to help you enhance your relationship with both. In our program, you’ll learn how to properly meal plan for your week and exercise correctly, regardless of whether you’re eating and exercising from home, your office, or even on vacation.


Every week, you’ll meet with your personal trainer and nutritionist to discuss what’s working and what needs tweaking. As your progress continues, your exercise plans will change to keep up with your current and future goals.

Healthy exercise practices are built over time, with routine, accountability, and direction. We’re here to help you build up the confidence to continue your workout regimens outside of our private gym. No more fear of not knowing how to use, or get the most out of gym equipment. No more feeling glued to the cardio zone. We’ll teach you how to keep yourself safe, your body happy, and help you find a passion for exercise.

Our Facility

Interested in changing your life through nutrition and exercise? Call us to schedule a free body consultation. Take a tour of our facility, and get to know the personal trainers, nutritionists, and registered dietitians who make up the Total Health and Fitness team. Our facilities consist of private gyms for one-on-one training sessions. By keeping groups small and sessions intimate, we can more effectively help you reach your goals.