Meet this awesome member of the Total Health and Fitness Family. Mark Field started a program with Consultant Wes Barney in March of this year. He came weighing 184 pounds, and with his body fat percentage at 39.3%. Wes and Mark set a goal together, aiming for a 24-week time frame. Well, because of Mark’s amazing commitment, he surpassed that goal, getting his weight down to 126 and his body fat percentage down to an outstanding 12.4%. That is an average of over 1.1% body fat loss per week!

Mark shared some great insight with us that we wanted to share with you:

“Some aspects of the program were crucial to my success.

First, it’s goal-oriented. From the initial consultation, I knew what I needed to achieve in order to have a healthy weight and body fat percentage. Every other week when I got measured I knew whether I was progressing toward my goal. As it turns out I did well most weeks, but I knew that if I didn’t progress, I would have to change things up. And having a clear goal made me stick to my meal and exercise routine every week because I didn’t want to do something that would undermine my efforts.

Second, the program is flexible. For me, that meant meal plans and exercise routines that were consistent and uncomplicated. I would not have done as well if I had to spend time thinking much about what I was going to eat, what exercises I was going to do, and when I was going to do it. Once I got into a routine and saw improvement in my numbers, I knew I would be able to meet my goals at some point down the road.

Third, the weight training and guidance from the trainers. I always knew that weight training was important, but I never did it because it seemed too complicated. That roadblock disappeared because my trainers—Aubrey and Elle—were diligent about ensuring that my form was correct, that I was doing everything right, and that I was making overall improvement. In addition, whenever I had a question about a particular exercise, they gave me an answer. I know that without the training, I would not have gone to the gym on my own. In fact, when I was considering signing up, I contemplated not having any training at all or maybe just having training once a week. But based on my sister’s advice, I opted for training from Aubrey and Elle two to three times a week. That really made a difference for me.

Fourth, the cardiovascular workouts—mostly running in my case. I started out slow, but it didn’t take long (maybe a month) and my runs improved in terms of both time, distance, and speed. And it improved more than it had in the past. I attribute that partly to the weight loss, but mostly I think it was a collateral benefit of the weight training.”

Mark also shared a couple of major habit changes he went through to stay consistent:

“First, the weight training. I have never lifted weights before. And I know that the older I get (I’m 63) the more muscle mass I’ll likely lose if I don’t do something to stop or slow it down. So now, even if it means I have to skip a day of running, I get in my weight training. And since I now understand and am familiar with proper form and how it all works, I don’t feel anxious or overwhelmed when I get to the gym.

Second, I’m more careful about my eating habits. For the 28 weeks I was on the program, I was super-diligent about sticking to my meal plan and eating healthy. Of course, it wasn’t all that hard because, as I explained, the eating routine was tailored just for me and was consistent and uncomplicated. But the care I take in how I eat is now a habit for me.”

Lastly, if you feel overwhelmed or unsure of where to start, or if you are just ready to get your fitness in order… don’t take our word for it, take a listen to a real-life person like Mark:

“I would absolutely recommend the Total Health & Fitness program. I have had to lose weight in the past and it can be daunting. Once I made the decision that I needed to get healthy, the program gave me the tools—and accountability—to get where I needed to be. And just as important, it put me on a path that will keep me healthy into the future.”

Way to go Mark!

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