As life gets more complicated and demands rapidly rise on our time, prioritizing our day leaves little to no time for exercise and fitness. However, given the daily demands and the pressure they create, fitness is one appointment we should prioritize in our day. Exercise is the perfect outlet for stress, frustration, and the daily grinds of life, but how do you balance work and fitness? Some simple changes can help you balance life, work, and fitness, and, at Total Health and Fitness, we’re here to help you create a personalized fitness program.


Create New Daily Habits

a young woman working out at home
Make small changes such as short walks or a 30-minute fitness routine versus making fitness a huge production, especially in the beginning. People who try for too much too fast tend to burn out or quit soon after starting.  Keep healthy snacks within reach, so you are not running to the vending machine at the first sign of hunger. Lastly, water is vital. Staying hydrated throughout the day keeps your energy up and your hunger pangs at bay.


Get Moving

Activities as simple as walking and stretching are easy to fit into a hectic, busy schedule. On your lunch break, take a 10-minute walk and then a long walk when you get home. A set of pushups, wall sits, or lunges during a work break can help mental focus by improving blood flow, and when done consistently, can make a long-term difference.


Learn to Relax

a woman meditating
Relaxation as a component of fitness has to be deliberate and intentional. Start your day with a 10-minute meditation, read a book in silence, or do a few morning yoga stretches to set a calm and peaceful foundation for the day.


Stop Sacrificing Sleep

To allow your body rest and recovery from a stressful, busy day, you need a restful night’s sleep. The average person should get between 7-1/2 to eight hours of sleep a night.


Make Life a Priority, Too

With all of this scheduling of your day, make sure you make time for yourself. If you need a day to sleep in or some time for dinner with friends, put your plan on hold and take care of yourself. Give yourself permission to have a life!


An Efficient Way to Schedule Fitness

When you are short on time in your day to fit in a huge workout, don’t despair. Science and practice have shown that you don’t have to put in a 2-3 hour workout each day. With a few modifications, customized fitness, and time management, daily exercise is achievable.

When it’s difficult to make time for workouts, consider increasing the intensity and effectiveness of your exercise. When time is an issue, modify the number of reps, decrease rest time between sets, and incorporate compound movements into your routine creating a higher intensity, shorter duration workout that gives a more extended resting metabolism to burn fat once your workout is finished.  

Creating a work and fitness life balance is possible with some tips and tricks. One of the most effective ways to add fitness to a busy life is by incorporating a personalized fitness program. Contact us and we can help you plot out your week so that fitness doesn’t fall between the tracks, and you can achieve the sort of balance you need to succeed.