At Total Health and Fitness, our goal is a total body experience. While our facility does have a gym, it’s not our sole focus, and it’s not something we want you to take on alone. Our personal trainers will work with you to create an exercise plan, as well as a detailed, real-food eating plan to work in conjunction with each other to lose weight and gain muscle.

We strive to promote a total body lifestyle and mindset change. With your goals in mind, we evaluate your fitness level and then create an exercise plan with achievable results. Combining a healthy and active lifestyle is the beginning of a positive mindset change.  

Our personal trainers teach exercise and nutrition techniques that ensure a lasting change and results that are consistent even after you leave the gym.

Benefits of Total Health and Fitness

a personal trainer talking with consultant
As a member of Total Health and Fitness, you will receive many benefits:

  • A weekly consultation with a professional dietitian and personal trainer who works with you to create the perfect healthy lifestyle plan for you.
  • A customized nutrition plan designed specifically for you and your goals with weekly updated recipes to cook and enjoy.
  • A weekly exercise plan consisting of resistance and cardiovascular training.

With these benefits in mind, personal trainers put your health first and create a plan that will keep you engaged, energized, and on the path to success.

The Right Mindset

two female friends exercising together
For those individuals who still feel overwhelmed at the thought of working out in a gym with others around, consider these ideas to push negative thoughts out of your mind.

  • Bring a friend to work out with you for moral support and motivation.
  • Focus only on the task at hand, your workout; don’t worry about anyone else in the gym or what others are thinking. Focus only on your exercise routine and the positive impact it will have on your health.

How do we abolish negative thoughts that keep us from our goal of living a healthy and active lifestyle? Stay focused on your goal and create a trusting relationship with your personal trainer, knowing that together you are working toward a healthier and more active lifestyle with sustainable results in and out of the gym. With Total Health and Fitness, these goals can be accomplished together. Our Centerville gyms and Draper gyms are your fitness solution.