It is estimated that a whopping one-third of Americans are considered obese, with two out of three Americans being overweight or obese. Alarming statistics like this are the reason that more and more companies are joining in on the cause for a healthier America, with corporate wellness programs occupying an increasingly large role in the workplace. Take a look at some of the major benefits that corporate wellness can offer your company.

Community Building

One of the strongest benefits that corporate wellness offers is its ability to unite a company in the cause of better health. Employees will build camaraderie as they plan group sporting events, organize clubs dedicated to various forms of exercise, and eat healthier meals together.

Better Results

Social support plays a significant role in keeping individuals on track with their fitness goals. When you make corporate wellness a part of the workplace, those involved are held more accountable for accomplishing their fitness goals and are more likely to stick to their diet and exercise plans. The financial incentives that many corporate wellness programs offer don’t hurt either.

More Productivity

When your employees are practicing better diet and exercise habits, they are less likely to miss days of work due to illness. Moreover, they are more likely to get more work done when they are feeling at their best. Likewise, improved physical wellness also means that employees will have more stable energy levels, which is always a boon for productivity.

Happier Employees

A healthy diet and regular exercise are known to boost your mood and self-esteem. When you have employees who are participating in a corporate wellness program, you have employees who are less stressed, more confident, and more optimistic about life. This leads to a better workplace environment for everyone!

Lower Healthcare Costs

Healthier employees can mean potentially big savings on healthcare costs. This can be huge for larger companies, which is why so many large companies offer wellness programs to promote healthier employees. Some programs will help employees earn discounts on their insurance premiums by accomplishing certain fitness goals.