Corporate Wellness is an important factor in the health of a company, employees, and a team. Why do wellness programs continue to increase in popularity and why should your company implement one?

What Makes a Corporate Wellness Program Work?

Any true corporate wellness program uses more than an app, fitness tracker, or gym membership to account for wellness. The pitfall of many corporate wellness programs is when they’re created by someone who lacks experience in knowing what works and what doesn’t. Programs are built to act as a bandaid rather than as a lifechanging experience. A good wellness program is only worth the efforts of both the company and employees if it acts as an actual investment. Any quality program should be voluntary, comprehensive, and results-driven. The key to a successful and beneficial program is working with a team that knows how to:

  • Promote individual engagement
  • Foster motivation
  • Provide the right support
  • Have strategies for all types of employee scenarios
  • Design themselves around employee accountability

If an employee is given instruction to get an app and track their progress without effective goal tracking and knowledge, are they likely to succeed? Sadly, no. Change takes time and commitment. It takes effort, confidence, and knowledge. That’s what the Total Health and Fitness team provides.

Promoting Health Awareness

Americans are growing more conscious of their individual health as well as the health of the world around them, but a lack of time in one’s day due to work and daily life tasks can make it difficult to take that higher level of awareness and make the necessary change for one’s health. By creating a wellness program within a company, balancing work, life, and health becomes far simpler. Acknowledging health issues and working to fix them together as a team actively shows employees that they are cared for, respected, and valuable to the company.

Remembering Every Employee is Different

Every employee is different, so why should their journey to wellness look exactly the same. By acknowledging that every employee is different, we understand that the needs, motivational levels, and personal abilities are different as well. That’s why our health program is completely customized to the individual employee’s needs. A weekly meeting and body analysis with a Total Health and Fitness certified nutritionist and personal trainer will help each person see their progress through reports, and in turn, change up their nutrition and exercise plans to further their success.

What does our corporate program look like? When you’re working with Total Health, a company can expect a full nutrition and exercise plan made for every employee. Of course, for a program to work, an employee should be willing to work with their nutritionist and trainer, but we’ll help with a majority of mental heavy lifting at first. By providing the right tools, resources, and education, each employee can focus on changing their habits, behaviors, and lifestyles.

Does a Corporate Wellness Program Reduce Health Risks?

Encouraging physical activity inside the workplace can improve an employee’s overall health and wellbeing. It’s no surprise that physical inactive has actually become as deadly as smoking. If we think about how much time we spend at work in an inactive state, we can get a sense of how much time an employee spends risking their health versus reducing manageable health risks. Studies suggest that a single hour of exercise a day can greatly decrease the risks of a sedentary lifestyle. With the help of a corporate wellness program, a company can be sure they’re doing their part to reduce that risk, potentially working to lower their future healthcare costs.

Are Healthier Employees More Productive?

Ongoing research shows that there is a discernible link between physical wellness and the important brain functions that enhance productivity. Many studies show that companies that choose to implement a wellness program saw an overall improved work environment, as well as increased productivity. Participants in a wellness program can actually work to actively save company money annually, as productively loss is lessened and common health care issues that result in missed time at work or unproductive hours decreased.