The phrase “you are what you eat” holds more weight than it is generally given credit for— When you change your diet, you change your life!

Fueling your body and brain with exactly what they need is easier than you think. The right nutrition program can help you power through every part of your life with increased health, energy, and clarity. (Not to mention, nature’s medicines can virtually eliminate the need for certain medications!)

When it comes to choosing a nutrition program, it is important to find one that will be sustainable for you long-term and is led by skillful professionals.

Find a Sustainable Diet Plan

Crash diets can be productive at the beginning, but they cause you to do just that—crash. Commit to one of these, and it will likely lead you to lesser health in the long run. 

While discipline is certainly key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a personalized approach cultivates a smoother and more sustainable process.

Pin Down Your Goals & Preferences

Before you embark on a paid journey to greater health, it is important to pin down what you are aiming for and how you’d prefer to get there.

Take Your Tastes into Consideration

Eating is one of the most pleasurable activities life has to offer. If you want to stay on a path to wellness, it is important to enjoy it every step of the way.

  • Pin down your flavor preferences, so you can present them to a nutritionist. A plan that incorporates your favorite foods in a healthier form is possible!
  • Jot down your dietary needs, outlining everything you want to avoid or are allergic to. 
  • Take inventory of your current eating schedule and its potential for change.

Seek Out Science-Backed Methods 

Belief is what drives our actions. When there is evidence supporting your approach, you are not only statistically more likely to succeed but also more motivated to follow through.

  • Do your own research about nutrition so you know what to look for. This will also help you identify what questions to ask if you receive conflicting information.
  • Read about different methods used by dietitians to find what speaks to your logic and lifestyle.
  • If you come across emerging trends that haven’t been studied yet, tread carefully! Don’t dive head-first into a plan if it seems too good to be true.

Pursue Skillful Professionals

Not all nutrition programs are created equal! Of course, all nutritionists and dietitians have undergone training— Only a small portion of them have the experience and expertise necessary to provide you with truly prolific meal plans.

Prior to making a decision, it is crucial to ask your candidates questions pertaining to their past experience and current knowledge.

Book a Consultation Before You Commit

You should always book a consultation with a team before you sign up for their services. This will give you a clear picture of what they provide…and the chance to see if your personalities click!

  • If a company refuses to provide a consultation before you commit, move on to the next option.
  • Certain programs are now offering online consultations. If you are in a time crunch, ask your candidates if this is an option.
  • Keep a list of questions, as well as a pen and paper, in front of you during your appointment. The more information you gather about your prospects, the more likely you are to make an auspicious decision.

Keep a Keen Eye on Credentials

Before you begin your search, it is best to familiarize yourself with certifications within the field. That way, you can narrow down your options and only book consultations with ones that have potential. 

  • C.N.C. stands for Certified Nutrition Consultant.
  • R.D. or R.D.N. after someone’s name indicates that they are a Registered Dietitian.
  • Depending on your age and any preexisting conditions, you may also wish to seek out professionals with credentials such as C.S.P., C.S.G., C.S.R., or C.S.O.!

Look For a Diverse Client Portfolio

A program can only offer a truly personalized nutrition plan when they have worked with many types of clients in the past. Unless you are a prototype for a specific customer base, make sure your coaches have a diverse client portfolio.

  • Find out if they have a specific target audience or if they aim to support clients of all cultures and abilities.
  • Ask about the range of goals they have helped their previous clients to achieve.
  • Notice how they respond when you mention your personal needs and preferences. Are they confident in their abilities and interested in learning more about you?

Eat well, and you will be well! Reaching higher levels of health and happiness is possible— Select a nutrition program with skill and sustainability in mind, and you will reap the benefits for the rest of your life.